IMAGES/OCCHI VISION DO BRASIL is stablished in the national market for three decades, working in the satellite dishes and components segment for the reception and transition of satellite signal. We produce feeders, wave guides, parts and components for professional satellite dishes. Resell professional dishes for defined applications, satellite tracking systems and positioning of satellite dishes, LNBs, filters, instrumentation and multimedia solutions for signal distribution. On the Argentinian market we have the industrial plant of the ANTENAS SATELLITALES company, manufacturer of the OCCHI VISION products for over 30 years. We are partners of PROMAX (Spain), TELEVES (Spain), APPLIED INSTRUMENTS (USA), CHALLENGER COMUNICATIONS (EUA), VIKING SATCOM (EUA) e C-COM (Canada). Also working with the prospection o RF, through Survey T.I., installation, maintenance, technical assistance, in addition to components and parts supply to satellite dishes and its peripherals.


Our partnership starts when we identify our clients needs, providing the best solutions with quality and provenience. Our mission is to aggregate value to our clients business, ensuring satisfaction on pre and after sale. Our commitment is to meet our clients demands and exceed its expectations. A ethical commitment which extends from our company to the society.


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